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The death of a budding Cebuano actor

Jose aka Jepjep was also a pioneering member of the heritage organization that I created, The History Lovers of Cebu and my colleague in another organization that he leaded, The Cebu Filmmakers and Screen Actors Guild or CFSAG where he is one of the main conveners. CFSAG was created to make the Cebu Film industry more vibrant, a vision that he shared with his close friend, advertising, theater veteran & Professor, Prof. Bien Fernandez. Continue reading

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14 similarities between Pres. Sergio Osmeña & Pres. Manuel Quezon

Sergio Suico Osmeña and Manuel Quezon were 2 of the most prominent elected statesmen of their time. They’re probably the most similar President and Vice President tandem in our history in terms of achievements, so I’m going to write as many similarities as I could remember. They may have different personalities and attitudes but they were equally brilliant. Continue reading

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My Grandpa Atty. Manuel del Mar’s 100th birth Anniversary

This a two part article which contains: an biography of my grandpa Atty. Manuel B. del Mar and a write-up about his ancestral roots in the famed Parian community of Cebu in the old times. Continue reading

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